Nico Le Roux

a South African Artist, was born in Springs, Gauteng, and raised in a quaint town up North, Leandra, Mpumalanga.

Since an early age, and throughout his childhood, his love for art developed by drawing on walls in the house, much to the surprise and occasional horror of his parents! They soon realized that Nico had an artistic eye for detail. Since then he has had art instruction throughout his schooling and beyond, which formed his unique style. Nico loves oil on canvas and aluminum panels, as well as charcoal as a medium.

He loves to paint portraits, human subjects in bright colour, still life, social and romantic scenes. His style is predominantly impressionistic, as well as realistic, as described by the artist himself, “tight with looseness to it.” He is inspired by artists Rembrandt van Rijn, Johannes Vermeer, John Singer Sargent, Adriaan Boshoff, Shawn Barber and David Kassan. Nico feels his art is a detailed thought process and in the end his collectors acquire a collection of his thoughts. He
makes his own oil paint and mediums, as he believes in the utmost purest and refined pigment in his work. He is currently developing his own product line.

“Art cannot be taught, you become your own artist and your soul guides the brush.” – N.Le Roux