Jeanne Marais (now Pretorius)

spent her childhood in a loving and supportive home, where she began developing into the dynamic, multi-talented, self-taught artist she is today.

She is well-known for her exclusive and unique female figure studies, and is equally adept at various other themes. She often makes use of strong, deep colours, as seen in her dramatic landscapes and city scenes.

She has been working with oils, using a palette knife or brush, from the beginning of her career 13 years ago. She has run three very successful solo-exhibitions of her work (in 2010, 2012 & 2015) and also displays her artworks at several galleries throughout South Africa.

Jeanne has several clients abroad as well, proving that good taste goes a long way! “The real advantage of my career as an artist is being in the fortunate position to do what I love for a living!”