Harry Erasmus

is one South Africa’s most unique artists. He has had no formal training, but was born with a natural talent and mentored by old master Cornelius Bosch at the early age of 19. Harry has been painting all his life and has been a full time artist for the last 16 years.

His unique whimsical style is easily recognized by his creative, out of the box themes and rich use of color. Harry is quickly becoming known as South Africa’s leading whimsical artist.

Harry was commissioned by Sun International in the late 90’s to do 25 paintings for Carnival City casino and hotel. He was also commissioned by corporate company, Paarl Media to do 80 paintings. Harry has a broad client base in South Africa, but has started to establish himself internationally with growing client bases in the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, England and the UAE.

Some of Harry’s influences include Cornelius Bosch, Pieter van der Westhuizen, Walter Battis and Adriaan Boshoff. “I don’t plan a painting, I try to create a story and atmosphere using a lot of detail.” I hate perfection, but love movement in everything.” Therefor my buildings dance to the melody of life and for a moment I introduce and invite people from this broken world into my world where anything is possible.”