The current auctions that are running are:

Our auctions work as per the following example:

  • John enters a Maximum Bid of R200 on an auction with a starting bid of R100.
  • John is currently winning the auction at R100, the starting bid.
  • Mary places her Maximum Bid of R400, but since John had bid only up to R200 he is now beaten by Mary’s bid.
  • The current bid is now R200 with Mary winning.
  • John decides to bid R300, the most he is willing to pay, and enters it.
  • Since Mary had entered R400 as her Maximum Bid her current bid price will increase to match John’s Maximum Bid of R300.
  • Therefore the current bid now goes up to R350, and Mary continues to win.
  • The auction closes soon at R350 with Mary winning. Bid increments of R50 applied to this example.

If there is a bid within 5 minutes of the auction ending, the auction will be extended by 2 minutes each time a bid is placed.

We will require your name and email address when you place a bid, however you can also register once-off using the Facebook button. This will ensure that you don’t have to repeatedly enter your name and email address when placing a bid.

The auction page will refresh periodically, or as often as you like, giving you the opportunity to follow the bids in real-time.

The winning bidder, at close of the auction, will be emailed a congratulatory message, along with our details to complete the transaction.

All the best and please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Contact Ryan on 082 773 5210 or email at

NB: Payment strictly within 24 hours after winning the auction.